team profile

Dewey Compton (truck owner)  


With over 30 years of racing experience both as a driver and car owner Dewey Compton knows racing. He has shown time and time again whether in the pits or in the middle of the desert that he can fix anything. Dewey has two children Cari who lives in Las Vegas and works for a major hotel and David who works at the port in San Pedro.

Brady Helm (driver)


Brady grew up racing motocross with his older brother Steve all across California . In the late 80’s Brady made the move to desert racing in a Toyota truck. Over the years the race cars have become more advanced and go faster and faster but the fun with friends and family is always the same With multiple championship seasons as well as race wins in the Baja 1000, Baja 500 and the Mint 400 to name few off road racing continues to be a passion for Brady and his family. The move to the Southwest Tour Truck in late 2009 has been a learning experience but one that Brady looks forward to taking head on. Brady and his wife Sherri have two children Carlee who is 10 and Wyatt who is 5.

Jim Satterfield (Crew Chief)


Jims racing career started as a co driver with Brady in the desert in the mid to late 90’s. After getting his feet wet Jim started his own race program, In a Southwest Tour truck that has been going strong for the last 8 years. In 2010 Jim in currently building a new race truck that should be ready by mid season. Both Brady and Dewey are proud to have Jim calling the shots for the #45 team while he gets his new truck finished. Jim has two cats that he loves.

David “Bubba” Compton (Crew Member)


Bubba has a love for all things fast, loud and dangerous, being Dewey’s son how could he not. He has his sites set on the driving seat and has logged some smooth and fast time in the desert. Stay tuned to see when a new addition to the Dew Rite race stable might be added. Bubbas children are his guns that he loves to go to the desert and shoot.

Justin Petty (Crew Member)


Justin the son of the legendary Pat “Fat Sweaty” Petty is all around motorsports junkie. Justin is down for anything as long as it involves racing, dirt bike riding, snow boarding anything extreme. Justin is a true asset to the team and his do anything attitude is a real asset to the team. Justin wants a girlfriend.